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Marketing: the muses of optics

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Like any marketing principle, endorsement (in English celebrity marketing ) has rules, advantages and constraints. Often associated with fashion, this concept quickly spread to affect almost all sectors of activity. What are the benefits for a brand of partnering with celebrities, but what are the risks for both parties? We try to answer it by digging in the small world of muses of optics .

Eyes of optics: quick history

The principle of celebrity marketing comes to us from the United States. Already in the 19th century, celebrities were called upon to associate their image with that of a brand or a product. The first case recorded is that of Sarah Bernhardt who, in 1890, promoted La Diaphane rice powder.


At the time, this new idea was not necessarily a success. Indeed, few celebrities want to be linked to brands they do not know much about. Above all, they do not want to live under duress.

That was without taking into account the media explosion of the 20th century. The inventions of cinematography and television were to make a big difference. The Western world is becoming a world of images. The endorsement is then democratized. Actors and athletes, in the first place, become brand ambassadors or event sponsors .

In 2016, more than 10% of TV commercials used celebrities! And the optical industry has long embraced this strategy.

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Sharon Stone, Alain Delon, Antoine, Johnny Halliday and many others made the heyday of the great franchises of French opticians. On the eyewear side, we can cite Kate Moss, Keanu Reeves, Kirsten Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo and more recently Lily-Rose Depp or Willow Smith have become muses for manufacturers.

Endorsement: a good strategy?

Of course, this type of marketing strategy is reserved for very large companies. To sign a contract with a celebrity, you must of course have the means to do so. And faced with the proliferation of advertisements, the advent of social networks, the process is more and more expensive.

So is the return on investment still good? The question needs to be asked. Because, for a partnership of this type to work, it must above all be viable over time . When you combine two brand images, that of a company and that of a celebrity, you must above all ensure that one does not take precedence over the other.

Above all, a brand must be aware that using an influencer with such notoriety can involve real risks. First, because the smallest acts and gestures of a celebrity are scrutinized, and that at the slightest misuse, it can reflect on the image of the brand . And this risk, which can be terrible, can just as well be reciprocal.

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Fortunately, this disadvantage is very few in the world of muses. The advantage of signing a contract is that you can include clauses and lock it in order to fully protect yourself. When this is done, having a globally known and recognized ambassador will hardly be a bad thing for a brand.

Some partnerships last for several years. This proves that the reciprocity of good business is well established. The important thing is to choose a personality that will be in line with the values and positioning of the brand.

Thus, the objectives when engaging the services of a muse are as follows:

  • Hit a new target
  • Increase consumer purchase intention and sales
  • Gain notoriety and increase positive opinion
  • Attract the public, participants or journalists to an event
  • Generate online engagement and traffic
  • Boost or change its image or brand positioning
  • Pass messages through an expert
  • Offer a unique experience to its consumers, clients, partners, employees …


Like any marketing principle , endorsement has many advantages and some disadvantages, often beyond the control of the company. But if this system continues to operate at full speed, it is also because it is full of assets.

The muses of optics are also on the rise. While some experiences may have ended badly, we still see that brands like to partner with celebrities to sell themselves. This should not diminish over time, as image and notoriety are more important every year.