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CE marking: the conditions to be fulfilled

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In order to be sold in the European Union and therefore in French territory, the glasses must be marked "CE" legibly, visibly and indelibly. This marking is affixed by the manufacturers themselves, to prove that their products comply with European standards. The conditions to be fulfilled are reviewed.

What does the CE marking mean?

The CE marking was created under European legislation to harmonize the law governing products sold within the Union. A product marked "CE" is therefore a product that can circulate freely throughout Europe , because it meets its standards of health, environmental protection and safety.

Be careful, however, because this marking is not an indication of the geographical origin of the product. It may very well have been manufactured outside the Union. Another point to note: this certification is under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and therefore can not be considered sufficient to ensure product safety. This is more of a "presumption of conformity".

CE marking

The conditions to be fulfilled

The CE marking is mandatory for some product categories. Among them, medical devices . Eyeglasses and sunglasses, which are regulated health devices, are therefore concerned.

In order to affix the marking on a pair of glasses, the manufacturer must ensure that:

– that they respond to the performances assigned to it: filtering UV rays in the case of solar cells, for example.

– that they do not compromise the clinical state and the safety of its users: their Therefore, the composition must not be toxic or allergenic (at least as little as possible).

– any risk to the health of the user, even if minimal, is explicitly stated: sunglasses, the manufacturer must specify that their port does not allow to look at the sun in front, for example.

– they are accompanied by the necessary information to be able to be used safely: the manufacturer is must provide, with the glasses, a detailed information notice written in French.

Re find here the list of products concerned by the CE marking.

The case of sunglasses

The instructions for use of solar must mention the filtering power of glasses . To make this information more accessible, there are 5 pictograms corresponding to the 5 levels of protection , from 0 to 4. Level 4 is prohibited for driving, because it does not let enough light.


Beware, however, of recreational sunscreens, which are not subject to CE marking, as they are not considered medical devices. Their filtering power is therefore not guaranteed.

More information in the Council of Europe Medical Devices Directive

For more reliability, you can check the certification other organizations such as NF or GS, subject to stricter standards.