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Microsoft France, "Eyes-Road sees the future in the private cloud with Windows Server Datacenter and System Center"

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The full article and testimonial published on the site of Microsoft France.

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Eyes-Road sees the future in the private cloud with Windows Server Datacenter and System Center

Platform of intermediation between the optics industry and the opticians, Eyes-Road was looking for a way to meet the constantly rising needs of its members without multiply the number of its servers. It is in Microsoft's cloud technologies that the EEIG found its answer.

"For Eyes-Road, the big benefit of Microsoft's private cloud is to make time for our members. Our platform is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, response times are excellent and we have divided by 10 the time it takes to deploy a machine for a new member. "
Philippe Cellier, Managing Director [= ]
Created in 2002, the European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) Eyes-Road connects the main players in the optical market in Europe: its eponymous platform facilitates and accelerates transactions (orders, invoicing …) between manufacturers and retailers. The platform sees an average of 25,000 transactions on a daily basis, with peaks of 50,000 on certain days such as Wednesday and Saturday, traditionally the most intense days for opticians. Also, to continue to ensure the highest quality of service to its members, the EEIG turned to the power and scalability of Microsoft's private cloud.

Ensuring the best quality service to the members of the EEIG (industrialists, opticians …) in a context of a constant increase in the number and volume of transactions traded via the Eyes-Road platform.

• A fully private platform at GEIE.
• An ability to respond to all peaks of activity
• Increased speed and ease of deploying virtual machines.