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Ophthalmic migraine: how to advise your clients?

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Ophthalmic migraine, the scourge of the 21st century? Increasingly, this neurological disease has consequences on vision and can, in some cases, be mitigated by wearing glasses. We give you some keys to advise your customers!

What is ophthalmic migraine?

Despite its name, ophthalmic migraine is not an eye disease , but rather neurological. However, when it does occur, the person affected suffers from vision problems , in addition to headaches , even if they have no problem with their eyesight. Among the symptoms: blurred vision, white spots, black spots, but sometimes also, tingling in the limbs. Ophthalmic migraine affects almost 20% of people who complain of headaches , especially young women.

retinal migraine

Ophthalmic migraine and wearing glasses

One can therefore wonder what are the factors that cause ophthalmic migraine and cause the pain to extend to the eyes. If some of the causes are not related to optics (diet, stress, fatigue, surrounding noise, etc.), for a person prone to ophthalmic migraines, too powerful light or an episode of visual fatigue may, for example, be aggravating factors. Causes that could be avoided by wearing sunglasses or anti blue light , among others.

retinal migraine

How to advise your customers?

To best advise your clients, it is first necessary to know what is the cause of their migraine. Ask them about this question.

retinal migraine

Depending on their answers, you will be able to determine which type of product to manage:

Anti blue light glasses : it is the ideal ally in case of digital fatigue and the solution adapted to customers who spend time in front of screens, whether in their daily lives or during their working day.

Eyeglasses: in case of visual disturbances (especially hyperopia and astigmatism), your clients can suffer from headaches , if their correction is not adapted. You can therefore advise them to adopt new glasses for their glasses and so direct them to an ophthalmologist , if they have not already consulted one, obviously.

Sunglasses: Some people prone to migraines are sensitive to changes in light and sunlight. To alleviate these sources of migraines and protect their eyes, you can direct them to solar models.

Do not hesitate, if in doubt, to be cautious and refer your clients to a medical specialist, who will surely detect the origin of their migraine.