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MOF Lunetier, a competition of excellence

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As in all disciplines, eyewear also have their MOF (Best Workers of France) … Focus on this training and this competition ultra professional!

The title of MOF Lunetier

Association-MOF-Lunetiers The MOF Lunetiers Association [/ caption]

This title is awarded after a competition, marking both personal achievement and peer recognition . It is obviously a more commercial to assert, a pledge of quality and control of the discipline .

Following the success of the first contest at the 2008 edition of the SILMO, the association MOF Lunetiers was created, to officially represent the discipline, in France but also internationally. It was founded by the 14 MOF Lunetiers present at this first show. Every year, she is represented there, it was still the case on the edition of the SILMO 2015.

MOF Lunetier Competition Training

The idea: to also promote the MOF Lunetier national competition and to make known, then to accompany the laureates and future winners.

It is to follow this step that six trainers, MOF Lunetiers they, too, decided to open a school! Since 2011 there is the School of MOF Lunetiers in Morez, which allows any professional optics to improve in the manufacture and customization of mounts.

The courses consist of 3 mandatory courses , supervised by MOF lunetiers trainers who host up to 4 trainees per trainer. A qualitative approach to allow to give all the best chances and to aim the excellence of this MOF Lunetier contest.

[Caption id = "attachment_5208" align = "aligncenter" width = "650"] Hervé Barbarin, 2000 Winner, by Julien Billy Hervé Barbarin, Laureate 2000, by Julien Billy [/ caption]

The MOF Lunetier competition

At the 25th contest in 2015, candidates faced 4 events:

  • an imposed production , with the specifications very constraining
  • free production
  • a communication medium that explains their approach and their work on the productions made
  • a production in box, 3h to illustrate its know-how.

The MOF lunetiers titled in 2015 are Valérie Prillard, prototypist, Pascal Lacotte, designer and Oscar Esteves, designer.

They even had the honor of being received by President François Hollande on July 6 last … Well done to them!

Winners-MOF-Lunetiers A winner of MOF Lunetiers at the Elysee [/ caption]