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Fashion optical frames: our favorite models (end of year 2018)

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The holidays are slowly approaching, as the year 2019 and with them, the new collections fall / winter are already well launched! So what are going to be, or what are the trend optical frames already for this end of the year? We take stock in this article about the favorite models of the moment!


The new trend: the return of the roaring twenties


Distinguished colors, elegant shapes for a timeless style , texture effects reminiscent of the roaring twenties and the art deco style , the new collections are full of character and refinement.

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A resolutely modern trend for creativity inspired by the graphic codes of the 1920s. This bet is particularly the one made by the brand Volte Face in a new collection designed for women. ]

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We will particularly appreciate the Look models, with round shape and colorful design, and Lana, more oval frames that will enhance the look.

Round glasses: definitely a trend model at the end of the year!

Metal, transparency, wood … Mounts with a strong character

In a more mixed style, the trendy optical frame at the moment is the thin metal frame. Already in vogue in 2018, it remains more than ever the orientation to follow for the end of the year, but also for 2019.

With delicate and sober lines, it allows to soften the features of the face and has a "go-anywhere" side that is very pleasing.


If extravagance pleases you more, metal could be replaced by transparency !

Many brands, such as Ray-Ban , or Etnia Barcelona s' are already there. And if you're hesitant, why not combine the two materials, like the Ray-Ban model RB7098?


Finally, manufactured by the best French eyewear workers (MOF) in the Jura, the trendy optical frames of the Hakino brand showcase wood, with once again very round shapes and a design very natural style and very colorful , thanks to acetate branches.

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This is the French designer Patrick Jouin , specialized in industrial and decorative art, who designed the capsule collection .

[= ] And you, what are the trend optical frames that you want to honor?