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New: when glassmakers move up a gear

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In recent months, optical lens manufacturers have been busy! Some novelties have entered the optical market. We review some of these new ways to protect our eyes!

New optical glasses: the glass giants are focusing!

Although anti-blue light glasses have been around for a long time now, the battle against the harmful effect of screens is not yet won! Thus, glass manufacturers continue to develop and improve optical devices always offering better protection.

For this, the glass manufacturer Zeiss has launched a new range of glasses allowing blue light, Zeiss BlueGuard lenses. But what is the difference with pre-existing optical glasses in this field?


Indeed, anti-blue light lenses, as we have seen, are nothing new. As Zeiss writes, “ Previous products have blocked blue light by applying coatings to the lenses. ZEISS BlueGuard lenses incorporate potentially harmful blue light blocking properties into the lens material itself. apply ZEISS DuraVision Platinum – our most premium lens treatment – as standard on ZEISS BlueGuard lenses . blue light and helps to promote another treatment on the glass.

Solar too!

Also offering optimal protection against blue light, Essilor 's new Transitions® Signature® Gen 8 lenses are also akin to a small technological revolution.


These lenses, defined as the "darkest smart lenses" tint automatically according to the brightness, thus avoiding having to change pairs. They clear 35% faster than similar lenses.

This enhanced photochromic technology holds up in two points, according to the glassmaker:

  • An innovative and unique nano-composite type matrix , made up of a spaced mesh that allows the photochromic molecules to move freely in the lens.
  • A new generation of ultra-agile photochromic molecules that improve lens reactivity, darkening, color uniformity and long-lasting performance.

Essilor has also recently launched its new Crizal® Sun XProtect , ultra-resistant, shock-resistant and scratch-resistant sunglasses, especially by grains of sand or dust. They are much more resistant to friction and shock caused by falls.