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Opticians: 3 Reasons to Surf the Pop Culture

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Harry Potter, Spiderman, or Pokémon, these virtual characters all have one thing in common: they are part of popular culture, also called pop culture. Understanding their potential, some optics manufacturers have chosen to integrate them into their product catalog. Opticians, and if it was time to invest to surf pop culture?

What is pop culture?

pop culture

The term "pop culture" is difficult to define. For simplicity, it can be said that it concerns all cultural products (films, series, literature, etc.), which are appreciated and recognized by the majority of the population. It is often translated, moreover, by "popular culture" . It can, for example, be used to qualify the world famous Harry Potter , Spiderman , or Pokémon , to name a tiny part. To learn more, we invite you to take a look at Rockyrama magazine, entirely dedicated to pop culture !

Opticians: why surf on pop culture?

Given the popularity of these characters, we quickly understand the marketing interest for professionals in optics and especially for opticians , to include them in their product catalog. To help you see more clearly, there are three good reasons to surf pop culture !

1. Touch a wide variety of targets

  • Children : Some of these characters, especially cartoon heroes, are very popular with the younger ones. A target that should not be neglected, because more and more optical concepts are now intended for them. Optikid , a specialist in child optics , understands this. To attract the attention of the youngest, the brand now offers a model in the colors of Spiderman , the famous superhero, suitable for children from 4 to 7 years.

pop culture

  • Young adults : other characters from pop culture are more appreciated by young adults and can be a source of inspiration for opticians . We can mention Pokémon , the mythical video game of the 90s, to which most young French adults played during their adolescence.
  • Adults : to reach adults , it's all about nostalgia. The OPAL eyewear company has chosen to offer a model of solar Star Wars , the famous saga that celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. To maximize its impact, it has even partnered with Parasite Eyewear , to create an exclusive box . Guaranteed effect!

pop culture

2. Consolidate your affect with porters

The advantage of pop culture is that it directly affects the affect of wearers. Each of them will associate the characters you have chosen to a memory of childhood or adolescence and will thus tend to crack for the models you propose. This can also be a focus of discussion with your customers, directly in the shop. It's a good choice if you're looking to stir up emotion!

3. Expand your offer

Surfing pop culture is also a great way to expand your offering and reach new carriers. It is also a good axis of differentiation . The prospect of finding this type of product at home may push them, in fact, to favor your shop, compared to those of your competitors.

So, do you plan to look at pop culture for your next orders? 😉