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Opticians: how to communicate on the web?

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Today, learning to communicate on the web is an integral part of brand strategy. And this also concerns opticians! Description of some good practices already adopted by groups or independents.

No more waiting for the customer to cross the threshold of his shop himself! Today, it is necessary to invest in effective communication on the web . And opticians have every interest in making this shift, which can be very helpful in reaching and retaining a wider audience .

Communicating on social networks

Being present on social networks allows you to enter a conversational approach : the customer potential is directly involved and will therefore be more interested in your products. A good way to give your brand an attractive image . We can cite the example of Opticians Torrilhon who have understood how to use their Facebook account : information, competitions, commercial operations … It is no coincidence that their page reaches almost 8000 likes!

Communicate with bloggers

Some brands also rely on web influencers . Because sending one of his products to a blogger is a chance to reach his community , and therefore more potential consumers . The practice has already been widely used by L'Usine à Lunettes with its E-Polette glasses , which protect against the blue light of screens. A successful operation given the impressive number of bloggers who devoted an article to their blog!


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Submit a site with a blog

Publishing on a blog makes it possible to directly approach the topics which touch its potential customers . For example, Zeiss's Better Vision blog is full of tips on choosing a pair of glasses or screening for visual problems. A nice way to reassure your readers and to reinforce them in their purchase process .


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It would be a shame to skip the turn of the web, when we see everything he can bring you! 😉