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Opticians: discover new ideas for after-sales service

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It's no longer a secret, many companies now say that after-sales service (SAV) is an essential lever of customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to a recent study, it is even one of the main levers of income generation and profits … to say that it is difficult to miss! This is a good time to explore new ideas for effective after-sales service .

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After-sales service: the subscription to everything goes

Everyone knows that, to equal product, what makes the difference is the service. We are at the end of the second decade of the 21 st century and we are not buying the same way as in the past …

Now, the new model to make profitable its after-sales service and satisfy its customer base is the subscription, not the product itself.

The big advantage is that it can be used infinitely for almost any type of product .

For example, by paying a subscription, customers can have access to different pairs of glasses during the term of their subscription, or change more regularly pairs of solar, or benefit from a full service to anticipate a purchase order. lenses or on cleaning products.

Attention, in order not to lose customer satisfaction, it is imperative to guarantee the availability of products or, if it is not possible, to foresee and propose a counterpart to his clients.

Blockchain, a great ally for your after-sales service

A blockchain, or chain of blocks, is the new fashion information storage technology .

The information is sent by the users (customers, suppliers …) in blocks and at regular intervals of time.

Thanks to this technology, the information is constantly updated, secured, and allows a better visibility while simplifying the process.

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The other big advantage is the ease with which you can discover if a component is defective. Finished the model of service in reaction called "breakdown-repair", one anticipates on the defects that can exist … And one optimizes necessarily the quality of its after-sales service !

Thus, the delays are constantly reduced, guaranteeing total customer satisfaction.

In short, through better information management, your stores optimize reliability, traceability, resources or the automation of services ! =]

Friends opticians, have you ever thought of opting for one of these new after-sales service solutions ?