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Opticians: boost your communication!

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Opticians, boost your communication1

Faced with the constraints and challenges linked to a sector subject to changing regulations, it is advisable to protect yourself by anticipating and questioning yourself. The rule also applies when it comes to marketing . Gauging the competition is not enough, it's time to put yourself in the customer's shoes. It is no longer a secret, the communication of opticians requires making the customer experience perfect.

Communication from opticians: ideas to boost it!

The last marketing studies carried out now always place the customer experience before the product and the price. There is therefore no longer any excuse to develop this aspect strongly, which, you will see, does not necessarily require large resources.

We were able to put forward solutions expensive or energy-intensive, which inevitably have interests but that not all can / want to afford. Never mind, there are a multitude of ways to make the relationship and the customer experience more dynamic, more personalized, even more fun .


Personalized loyalty program : a concept that seems as old as the world, loyalty programs or cards are still very popular with consumers. Only problem, they are, for the most part, uniform to all consumers. However, are there really two identical customers? So remember to customize each program for:

  • Increase the customer experience
  • Focus on what really matters to him
  • Massively increase your loyalty rate

Indeed, a wearer of lenses does not have the same needs as another who needs progressive lenses . And why not give a reduction on photochromic lenses to a customer who works outside?

Instant messaging for a lively customer experience! During the Covid-19 crisis, the newspaper Le Monde experimented with news in discussion format on WhatsApp . Many other companies now favor this way of communicating with their customers to offer a new way of doing service. The experience is renewed, the cards are reshuffled and the concept is more efficient and less expensive than a chatbot.

On Whatsapp, this allows you to:

  • Generate contact with your customers
  • Customize requests
  • Establish relevant customer follow-up

Same story with Facebook Messenger, which offers many features to serve its customers:

  • Interaction from targeted ads
  • Free Chatbots
  • Instant responses
  • Access to a sales platform

To learn more, do not hesitate to consult this very complete guide to Messenger on Hootsuite!


  • Engage Your Customers : User-generated content is as important as what you post to your networks. You can do this:
  • Ask your customers if, after buying a new pair, for example, they would like to be photographed.
  • Imagine a special photobooth style corner directly in your store? The little extra? They will be able to re-share the photo on their own profile! Be careful, however, to have them sign an authorization.

Contests : You can always find a reason to organize one (birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Summer …) but it is not even compulsory. There are different ways to create contests:

  • On social media
  • Directly in store.
  • Do a little market research with your customers to determine the lots, the organization, the draw …

Sometimes amazing results!

There is no shortage of marketing ideas to boost its communication . Whether you are part of the optical sector or not, the key is to put yourself in the shoes of your client, to best meet their expectations. Above all, do not restrict yourself to limits.

Opticians, boost your communication

Take the time to try and study all the results of your actions. These are sometimes crying out for success! For example, the company Rogers Communications , whose 70% of customers use Facebook Messenger, reduced customer complaints by 65%!

In the same vein, the Casino group has tested the personalized loyalty program Bibi! for customers of its Franprix stores. Thanks to machine learning , all rewards are based on the customer's consumption habits. The application has, a few days after its launch, been downloaded more than a million times!

Communication from opticians , at the dawn of a decade which is rocking strongly, must be constantly questioned. But we hardly worry about that, in a sector where adaptation is a constant.

And you, do you have any other ideas to share? We are waiting for you on social networks;)

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