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Opticians: go to the digital store!

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The world of optics and more specifically that of in-store sales is no exception to the rule of technological evolution … Do you know the term phygital store ? At the junction of the physical trade and the digital world, the " phygital commerce " is to effectively integrate digital solutions in optical stores to otherwise develop commercial performance … Some examples of solutions that integrate perfectly with the connected optician !

The Social Shopping Terminal of Luz

How to make the quality of customer service visible beyond the borders of your own store? Luz tested the social shopping terminal for independent opticians and put on the playful aspect of the tool. So, what does this 100% connected terminal offer ? Today, nearly 89% of French people believe they are influenced by their entourage before going to the act of buying a product, whatever it is. The terminal allows customers visiting the store to take a picture with various mounts during the fitting of a pair of glasses, and broadcast it by email and on social networks … and it works! The relatives of the customers click on the photos and make it possible to viraliser the offer of the optician on the web … Ingenious!

Discover the concept in video:

Fitting Box virtual fitting

Democratizing the use of the tablet in store can be done throughout the sales process at the optician, but some have chosen to keep the privileged customer relationship out of technology … and use it only to make the customer wait! Owiz of FittingBox for example allows customers who are waiting their turn, to try mounts in a fun way while discovering tips oriented "visagisme": they apprehend even before meeting a seller the shapes and colors that correspond to them … The most young customers admit to being seduced by the attractive and interactive side of the tablet and the sale ends more quickly than in other cases. Why deprive yourself?

The demo is here ! Remember to activate your webcam to test the tool 🙂

Owiz Fitting Box

Taking a measurement on a tablet: the Smart Mirror Mobile App

After the terminals and columns, tablets are also a playful element of store dynamization. But this time the main user of the tool, it is the optician , at the service of its sales client: taking measurements, simulations in interactive augmented reality of glasses and treatments, choice of frames … The advantages of such a solution are simple for the salesman and for the customer: speed and user-friendliness in the first places. The reliability of the measurements is appreciated by the profession, in short, to facilitate the everyday life and to show to its customers all the modernity of its service now passes by this kind of devices in store …