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The trend to watch: home optics

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The optician traditionally officiates in a physical shop, in contact with his customers. It welcomes, advises and directs them towards the frames and glasses most adapted to their needs. And if this optician began to move gradually to the home of his patients?

Home optics: what is it?

We were talking about it a few months ago, home optics is a rising trend of optics in 2016. Saves time and energy, avoids travel, it brings the optician closer to customers. By appointment, up to 7 days out of 7 and sometimes even holidays, the optician offers the same services and benefits as in the shop, but at home or at work of his clients. The prices of this new generation of opticians are competitive and the offer is far from being limited.

Home optics: for whom?


It appears that some people, sometimes elderly, sick, hospitalized or in specialized institutions, do not always have a close to accompany them in shop. Some of them do not wear more glasses adapted to their sight for this reason! Also, clients are sometimes just too busy to visit their optician.
Home optics overcomes this and is thus convenient for people with reduced mobility and people on busy schedules.

An optician at home: Karine Mocholi


Karine Mocholi is an optician at home in Bordeaux and its region. She launched the My Home Optician service. From frames to shapes and varied brands with nearly 300 pairs in his magical suitcase , Karine offers all options to its customers. Connected, she writes her estimates on her laptop after taking the necessary steps to make the glasses. The optician then manages everything from the management of the third-party payment to mutuals until the adjustment of glasses and frames in his workshop Bordeaux. It is also she who delivers the glasses to the customers, history that they are well adjusted.

The optician at home sticks perfectly to the new modes of consumption . It frees itself from multiple constraints related to physical shops while developing a qualitative vision of the profession, while democratizing it.

Far from a simple trend, the concept is to be watched undoubtedly , as it develops and is already evolving!