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Home optics: zoom on 3 innovative concepts

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The profession of optician is constantly changing according to the optical market! A few years ago, shaking up the traditional physical shop, "home optics" is one of those revolutions that is boosting the sector. It makes it possible to adapt even more to the needs of demanding consumers: in the place of life or at home, it is the optician who moves to the customer, and no longer the other way round. Zoom on 3 innovative concepts of home optics!

Sell ​​glasses around an aperitif!

Pair glasses and drinks? And why not ! Riding on the current trend of home optics , opticians have developed a " after work glasses " concept: L'Apéro'ptik ! The principle is simple: the person who needs glasses organizes an appointment at his home in the evening, inviting 3 to 5 friends wearing glasses for a friendly moment. The person who receives prepares some hors d'oeuvres, a drink, and the optician animates the rest of the evening. On the program: visagism, colorism and glasses tests, of course!

Home glasses? Yes, but also in business or on vacation!

Being an optician at home means going to the home of your clients, but not only! Mobile Opticians , for example, are introducing the concept of business optics and even resorts ! The customer makes a direct appointment on the Opticiens Mobiles website , indicating his address of the moment, that of his company, his holiday home … An opportunity to sell glasses continuously throughout the year and in accompanying the client in all the moments of his life.

Visits of optics in EHPAD

The silver economy is one of the most buoyant markets in the world of optics! So why not also go to meet the elderly living in nursing homes or in nursing homes? The company MobilOpticien , in particular, offers tours that offer both the services of an optometrist and an optician. Focusing on the prevention and support of visual health in the institutions concerned, it involves visual assessments of residents, adjustment of frames, minor repairs … or all optical services in EHPAD !
[ The concept of home optics is a major evolution of the profession of optician which has expanded rapidly in recent times. It is a safe bet that other innovative concepts will go in this direction and will further support this practice.