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The leisure optics: a vein to dig?

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What if school holidays were the perfect time to invest in the hobby? Binoculars, telescopes, or even monoculars: some manufacturers already offer these products in their catalog. Could this be the new vein to dig?

Most leisure optics items are used in the summer. There are plenty of opportunities to observe animals, hike, hunt, or simply enjoy the scenery with magnifying binoculars. We understand that these products are very popular during school holidays … We have selected three good reasons to invest in the leisure optics!

The leisure optics: a way to stand out?

There are still few optical manufacturers who manufacture this type of product … This is particularly the case for the Eschenbach eyewear manufacturer, which sells teleoptics (binoculars, monoculars, binoculars) and weather devices. By offering them to opticians, it is possible to stand out from competitors , at a time when this type of products is sought: summer.

Binoculars-Eschenbach Trophy AS-P-10x50-B-Ww

Other potential customers: companies dedicated to the sale of hunting, fishing and nature products , such as Roumaillac , which also offers leisure optics to its customers.

Become a prescriber in this market segment

By seizing the lode ahead of its competitors, as in any market segment, it increases its chances of being considered as a prescriber and potentially becoming the leading manufacturer of the leisure optics . A bargain that can last even longer than a summer, as these products can also be sold at other times of the year! For example, why not bet on show binoculars (theater, opera) or telescopes, which have no seasonality?

So, even if your competitors decide to go for it, you'll have already dug the gap!


Sell ​​additional products

Another advantage to investing in the recreational optics: by selling these products, you can take advantage of them to sell the accessories that go with them and are used for their maintenance. Especially since they are much more numerous than for simple frames of glasses … Caches of protection, straps, cloth of cleaning, cases, could thus be added to your catalog.

To be even more competitive, Eschenbach chose to include these additional products in his classic offer . By buying, for example, their binoculars, opticians also acquire the elements that serve to clean and protect them. A selling point that hits the mark!


So, convinced to invest in the leisure optics? 😉