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Optics: the boom of connected stores

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Connected stores are not just for high-tech brands, proof! More and more opticians and optics manufacturers are choosing to take the turn, offering their customers a brand new shopping experience. The sales process is easy and consumers are asking for more. We detail some of these concepts.

Connected stores: the concept that goes up

Already at the heart of the last edition of Silmo Paris , the new concepts of connected stores are more and more talk about them. In 2016, the famous trade fair already presented, in its Experience Store, technologies that revolutionized the customer journey . In recent years, this is indeed one of the main objectives of most opticians. Even pure optical players such as L'Usine à Glasses by Polette have set themselves up, by opening physical showrooms around the globe (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Jakarta, and since August 2016 in Lille), thus following the example of Sensee (in Paris) and Evioo (in Grenoble).

connected stores

It must be said that the benefits are many: the sales process is facilitated because everything is done online, and the customer is immersed in a real shopping experience .

A redesigned customer experience

At the heart of most of these concepts, the cross-channel . More specifically, these stores integrate several channels in their customer journey : the optician can himself create an account to his client, who can then find online the frames he has tried in store, but also all the information on his glasses and his bills. According to the stores, he can even access the photos he has taken from him in the shop! In any case, this is what the physical concepts of Sensee propose.

connected stores

In Evioo showrooms, digitalization goes even further, since the optician has no stock of frames on site. The shop has a virtual augmented reality fitting mirror, which offers a selection of glasses, from the morphological recognition (eye color, hair, look, facial measurements). At Atol , the connected stores offer a real interactive journey , which allows the customer to select his frames, his glasses, take his measurements and then relax, each time in a different area of ​​the shop.

The customer increasingly autonomous

But the big novelty of 2017, it is especially the concepts which always offer more autonomy to the customer. In the showroom of the Glasses Factory by Polette de Lille, the customer himself scans the QR Code, which is affixed to the model of his choice, and makes his order directly from his smartphone or tablet installed on site.

connected stores

As for the pure player Happy View , it offers the consumer to order alone his glasses, from an interactive control terminal installed in his pharmacy. After having tried and chosen the mount of his choice in the pharmacy, he can then record his prescription and his morphological measurements in the terminal. The glasses will then be sent by Happy View and delivered to the customer by the pharmacist.

So which of these concepts has convinced you most for your store? 😉