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Optics: most read articles in 2019

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Done! A new decade is before us. Like every beginning of the year, we take the opportunity to present the five articles from the optical blog that were the most read in 2019. It is also an opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year 2020.

Recycling glasses: they too have the right to a second life!


Like last year, proof that a certain ecological awareness is being deployed among optical players , our article on recycling glasses is at the top of the most read articles in 2019.

It is true that there is no shortage of unused pairs of glasses in France, since, according to a survey carried out by our member Atol in 2015, there are around 100 million!

Recycling your old peers means providing equipment to the most needy, especially in developing countries, which represent 90% of the visually impaired in the world. A staggering figure due to the difficulty of access to healthcare and medical devices.

Find here our article on recycling glasses.

Blue light filter: the lenses too!


In second position, there is an article combining health and high technology. The blue light problem is always worrying and, although we are familiar with the treatment of lenses for optical frames, we are not always aware of the one that can be applied to contact lenses.

However, lens wearers can also be protected by a blue light filter because some lenses have a selective blue light blocking filter, are flexible , renew monthly , and have the advantage of filtering UVA and UVB rays. .

To discover or rediscover the article on lenses and the blue light filter , follow the link.

Insurance, guarantees…: what after-sales service for opticians?

after-sales-optician service

Our article on after-sales service at opticians closes the podium. And yes ! For a customer, price is not everything. The service offered after the purchase by the optician will allow the latter to stand out.

It is above all a matter of relieving the customer of overly restrictive procedures by offering exchanges and repairs in the event of breakage or loss , the first levers of concern for someone who has just changed their pair of glasses.

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Anti-fatigue or anti-blue light lenses: what can you advise your customers?


We find the phenomenon of blue light, this time to differentiate the treatment of glass. For some customers, eye strain does not necessarily come from long exposure to screens.

There are also anti-fatigue lenses . The two glasses are called off, but especially the lives of everyone who needs to be designed to favor one or the other.

Get all the details in our article on the glasses of rest.

"CE" marking: the conditions to be fulfilled


To end this top 5, we find our article on the conditions to obtain the CE marking . A marking created within the framework of European legislation in order to harmonize the law governing products sold within the EU.

We are talking about sales and not manufacturing. Indeed, an article marked CE may very well have been manufactured outside the EU.

Several characteristics and conditions frame this marking, mandatory for medical devices.

Read our article on CE marking .

In 2019, visual health, environment and marketing were the most visited topics on our blog.

We hope that many of you will still be among us read in 2020!