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Made in France optics: state of the art

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The Made in France optic is today praised worldwide for its excellence. Know-how, creativity and technology, these are the main qualities recognized by most professionals in the sector. The inventory of 100% French glasses brands is reviewed.

Most Made in France frames are produced in the heart of the Oyonnax basin in the Jura. The region is recognized worldwide as "the" reference in French eyewear . There, there are many workshops and eyewear artisans , who perpetuate a historical know-how . But if these brands are known for their quality, they have not all chosen the same positioning.


Some brands have chosen to rely on the handmade and rely on the French tradition lunetière. We can cite the example of MILF Sunglasses (Made in France), whose frames are manufactured in Oyonnax, by a lunetterier Meilleur Ouvrier de France . But encouraging crafts does not mean neglecting aesthetics: their glasses are also original and sparkling .


Other eyewear companies, such as Gouverneur Audigier , have chosen to focus on their age and retain their original technologies. It is indeed one of the oldest French eyewear in activity. Their frames are hand-crafted by craftsmen , in a very retro minimalist style.


There are also brands that focus on ecology and eco-friendly manufacturing techniques . This is the case of Shelter and his wooden glasses , handcrafted in Haute-Savoie. A wise choice of location, because the resource is abundant in the region. Shelter collaborates with local sawyers to recover dead wood and then use it to manufacture their mounts.

Another eco-friendly material: algae. Because yes, there is indeed a brand of glasses that produces frames from seaweed ! This is Naoned , a sign from Nantes. A bright idea, because the resource is inexhaustible, quickly renewable, compostable, without chemical treatment or water supply. We talked about it in a previous article , and you liked it a lot!


The label Origine France garantie

Some brands go even further and choose to validate their know-how by acquiring the Origine France Garantie label . Created by the Bureau Veritas Certification , it aims to distinguish the brands that manufacture in France, after having verified and validated the different stages of manufacture of their products.

Among the eyewear companies that have obtained this label, we may include Vuillet-Vega , one of the oldest French eyewear, which has 5 generations of Goldsmith Lunetiers since 1843!


Note that all brands with at least 50% of the unit cost is French, and whose products take their essential features in France, can get the label! And this is not just about lunetiers;)