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Optics made in France: different markings

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Made in France, Made in France, Origin France guaranteed … For an optician eager to take the turn of the French manufacturing, it can be difficult to distinguish between all these markings. We help you sort it out!

Optics made in France: why specify?

According to a survey of opticians and made in France by L'OL mag , only 40% of opticians say they are informed of the precise meaning of all markings of origin. However, according to polls, made in France optics is a real trend.

For a large part of the French, it is even a criterion of choice in the purchase of their glasses. In addition to being an indicator of quality , for most of them, it is also a citizen act . They feel they support small local businesses (including Jura) and at the same time help to create jobs. This also explains that they are willing to pay a little more to buy glasses made in France. We therefore understand why opticians increasingly favor mounts that clearly indicate their French origin.

glasses made in France Graph from the OL mag survey on opticians and made in France [/ caption]

The marking "Made in France"

Made in France glasses

This marking is affixed under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer or the importer. It indicates that the last transformation of the product took place in France, or that 45% of its value added was achieved in France. This does not mean that the whole product has been made here, contrary to what one might think. A mount made in Asia but which would be colored or assembled in France, could, for example, claim this marking.

Note that it is also possible to affix the marking "made in France" , which has the same meaning.

The label Origine France garantie

glasses made in France

This label is much more demanding than the previous one. Unlike the "Made in France" marking, it is awarded by an independent organization: Bureau Veritas Certification , which regularly checks its validity on each product. To be able to display "Origine France garantie" , the glasses must have been made "essentially" in France . This includes assembly, coloring and finishing. Half of their unit cost must also be acquired in France.

Many brands already use this label. We can notably mention Vuillet-Vega , and Karavan . It can also be affixed to glasses, as it is the case for certain collections of industrial Essilor and Krys Group .

Some manufacturers have chosen to go even further and affix a marking "Made in Jura" on some of their mounts, such as Optic 2000 or Opticians mutualist ! And you ?