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Optique Mag, "Eyes-Road amplifies its actions"

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Eyes-Road amplifies its actions

Article published in Optique Mag in November 2016.

The European Economic Interest Group confirmed, on the occasion of the Silmo, its ambitions regarding the development of computerized data exchanges.

Eyes-Road continues its actions towards the actors of the optics by proposing a set of services. Thus, the industrials, central purchasing, signs and publishers have at their disposal the Adhérent offer which gathers all the services available on the platform of the group. Non-adhering industrialists who wish to distribute their catalogs and receive orders electronically in a simple and efficient way are turning towards Freedom and Freedom + offers . More than 50 companies have already subscribed and Eyes-Road is counting on convincing more. The opticians have at their disposal the Autonomy offer, free of charge, which allows the downloading of the electronic catalogs of the suppliers of their choice, from their store software. More than 60% of the 9,800 opticians connected to the platform are already downloading catalogs.

To encourage manufacturers and opticians to use the means at their disposal Eyes-Road is counting on its connected courses, which are very successful. The group also enriches its communication with two newsletters sent four times a year, one for opticians, the other for industrialists. He is present on social networks and makes live his blog every week. In June 2016, on the occasion of its Supervisory Board and General Assembly, the EEIG set up a new governance. Nicolas Series, CEO of Carl Zeiss France is now Group President and Fabrice Masson, CEO of the CDO, is Vice President.

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