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Wearing contact lenses: responding to objections

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Everyone has their own opinion on the issue of wearing contact lenses . Unconditionals are often willing to recommend them, while critics use many arguments not to approach them. In both cases, as a professional, it is important to respond well to the objections and misconceptions one can face …

Wearing contact lenses, ideas that are like urban legends

Regarding contact lenses, some myths have a hard time. Among these, the frequent questions about the impossibility of recovering his lenses once they are asked. Still many people worry that lenses will slip behind the eye or stick to ad vitam aeternam.

It's just impossible to happen because the conjunctiva connects back of the eyelid with the sclera . No foreign body can pass behind the eye.

If you sometimes have difficulty removing your pair of lenses in the evening, there is no question either that the latter are hanging on the eye indefinitely . The reasons for this impression can be multiple: tiredness, dryness of the eye …

The feeling of not being able to remove his lenses can worry. However, do not panic: just put a few drops of a suitable liquid solution , used to clean his lenses and the problem is solved.


There is also a lot of reluctance to wear lenses because of other misconceptions we've tried to list:

The port lenses may increase vision problems : This is false. The evolution of vision as we age is an undeniable fact, but it is never the work of contact lenses . Moreover, do not those who do not wear a stabilization of their vision? Not necessarily.

The wearing of lenses is unpleasant : Again, this is a misconception. Huge progress has been made on the manufacturing and comfort of wearing lenses . It can be difficult to get used to and setting up or withdrawing requires training, but once the right formula is found, most users forget that they are even wearing a correction, which is not the case. the case with glasses.

The wearing of lenses may cause infections : The only link that can be made between the wearing of lenses and possible infections comes from a lack of respect for the rules of hygiene to be respected.

Strict hygiene as the only constraint

Finally, this issue of hygiene can also be an interesting lever not to miss in a discussion with customers who, this time, are used to wearing lenses. ]

It is indeed not uncommon for these regulars to neglect this point too much, for example wearing lenses longer than the recommended period.

[ =] Contact lenses de-respond-to-objections

Some elementary rules are therefore to be frequently recommended:

  • Take off your lenses when you come home from work and not just before going to sleep.
  • Only use solutions related to your lens pair.
  • Consult an ophthalmologist at least once a year.
  • Always wash your hands before handling your lenses.
  • Respect the recommended wearing time (do not exceed one month if wearing monthly lenses.)

What are your objections to wearing contact lenses?