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Optics: 5 advantages to propose a blog on your website

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A few years ago, keeping a blog was the prerogative of Internet users who shared their thoughts, their ideas or their passions … First jeopardized by the the arrival of social networks, the blog has since evolved, has become professionalized to become an essential communication tool for any company wishing to build its online presence! And since this format is particularly suitable for optical professionals, here are 5 advantages to propose a blog on your website!

Humanize your brand image

Web sites can sometimes be perceived by visitors as impersonal showcases. However, there is a way to stop this phenomenon: to propose a blog part on your website.

On a blog, you address your readership to inform them, possibly to debate with him, to communicate … without drowning him in redundant marketing information. You can even call him directly, if you wish. The blog gives a more human face to your company, which allows you to be closer to your consumers … Which is not always possible when you are an industrial optics.

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An educational blog dedicated to the Essilor view is La Bonne Vue!

Become a reference in your area of ​​expertise

Offering a blog on your website also allows you to demonstrate your know-how, expertise and creativity. By publishing articles on topics related to your business, you adopt an expert status with your audience. You are affirming your credibility on the optical market while attracting more and more fans with your own content, rather than relaying information from other sources. The blog comes to weave your fame over time, while assuring your reputation in the world of optics .

Improve your virtual visibility, for a very real notoriety

A successful blog is also a very effective tool to improve your virtual visibility via SEO and SEO! Providing a blog on your website can significantly improve your presence in search engine results, because they rely on the terms and keywords that you use most frequently. A blog with relevant content and quality allows you to propel your website in the ranking of research.

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A well-known optician: Optique-Debauge

Increase the traffic on your website, and the number of your prospects

By consistently publishing quality content on your blog, you're also attracting quality prospects to your website! In the end, you will increase your notoriety and, at the same time, your chances of bringing more customers together. Offering a blog on your website is therefore a good lever to generate more revenue while standing out from the competition and this is all the more important for optical professionals.

Animate your social networks

It's a safe bet that you're reading this because you've discovered this article on Eyes-Road's social networks . Maybe you follow us on our Twitter or LinkedIn account ? And for good reason, the importance of social networks in communication is no longer to prove! Offering a blog on your website allows you to regularly offer your audience quality native content , while animating the different platforms on which your company appears, as well as your newsletter , if you have one. In this way, you increase and retain your community !

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Morel's blog , which sticks to the news!

In short, professional optics, whether for your image or notoriety, for qualitative or quantitative purposes, the blog is a communication tool to consider carefully! So, convinced?