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Protect your eyes during the summer: how to advise your customers?

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Summer is here and with it, the preparations for the holidays. It's the rush on sunglasses! Of course, everyone knows that wearing quality solar is the first precaution, but not only! To protect your eyes , other tips are to be prescribed.


Protect your eyes with vitamin A: to strengthen the retina

Overexposure to sunlight and UV light is known to be the leading cause of eye damage. It is therefore essential to protect your eyes as you protect your skin. At first, do not hesitate to do a little prevention by increasing the vitamin A intake for good retinal function, by highlighting some products such as carrots, egg yolk, oily fish … And for find out more about the ideal diet for visual health, do not hesitate to consult other tips on this in one of our latest articles "View and diet: how to advise your customers?"

Protect your eyes from sand and salt, eye hazards

The sun is not the only enemy of the eye, quite the contrary. At the beach, sand and sea water can be formidable! To go under water, the first of the precautions is the use of a mask or diving goggles , and in the opposite case, the use of saline solution to rinse the eyes can also be a very good recommendation. For lens wearers, a good way to protect your eyes from sand and salt is also to use disposable daily lenses for the time of your stay .


Protect your eyes with good sun, in all weather and for children

Besides the essential quality of sunglasses, wearing sunglasses even in cloudy weather will protect the eyes optimally, especially between 12h and 14h , where UV is the most dangerous. And to help your customers make the right choice, why not have them fill out a quick questionnaire about their holiday habits ?

Finally, do not forget to educate especially parents, because the eyes of their children are around seven times more fragile than theirs. Our article on the protection of the eyes of babies will be particularly useful for this;)

Happy summer to all!