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What will be the trendy glasses in 2017?

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New year , new trends ! At the beginning of the year, we offer you a dive among the glasses that will be acclaimed by consumers : from the round to "no gender", through geek style frames , 2017 will be without a doubt the year of the bezel .
So what will these be according to you?

Black, pastel or green "Greenery": color update


Unsurprisingly, consumers continue in 2017 to favor the black , which remains one of the safe values ​​of the wardrobe sober although without risk. But for those who prefer color, be careful! While some opt for pastels, which are making a comeback in recent seasons, others darker on frames with brighter colors and more cheerful, with a rise in power also two-tone models this year.
According to Pantone , 2017 is a year of nature , and the color of the year will be a greenery green , evoking nature and a breath of fresh air: a color that has already begun to inspire the optical industry . To stay in the nature trend, this year also places animal prints : scales, panther or crocodile, the glasses will also be wild in 2017 .

Wood or innovative materials: you choose your side


Riding on this natural trend , the wooden frames (and other eco-friendly materials we were talking about recently ) continue to attract consumers in 2017 , with increasingly strong innovations for light and durable glasses.

In terms of materials , consumers also favor innovation , and beyond the responsible materials, 2017 shows a strong trend towards glasses resulting from technological innovation : in polyamides such as Rilsan Clear , in ceramic at Oxibis or in titanium and carbon. which tend gradually to become democratized.

Round, rectangular or square glasses: a focus on shapes


In 2017 , the retro remains current . The glasses of the moment draw on past trends , with vintage models in the shape of a butterfly , cat's eye or fly , or square geeks glasses straight out of 70s TV series. Among these retro glasses , a great place is also given to round glasses , which make a big comeback this year. This year will also be the one of the trend " no gender ", with unisex models, addressing men as well as women!

Far from becoming uniform, the 2017 glasses still leave the difference. Round, square, rectangles, flash or black, consumers now decide which ones will continue to flourish in 2018!