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Innovation: augmented reality for the visually impaired

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The daily lives of people with disabilities can be continually improved. While access to people with reduced mobility is still complicated, advances in technology, with artificial intelligence and augmented reality for the visually impaired in the first place, help to meet their needs and prepare them for a less inconvenient future.

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Augmented reality and artificial intelligence, not just for video games!

The idea may seem outlandish at first. It is not expected to be able to offer an augmented reality helmet for the blind .

Yet, using artificial intelligence , or by reinforcing it with a sound device , this headset, usually used to play video games, can be a tremendous help for the visually impaired .

So, in California, academics have decided to use Microsoft's HoloLens headset as a hearing aid to help the visually impaired .

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In the same vein, the French start-up PANDA (for Personal Assistant for Navigation and Detection in Autonomy) also offers a hearing augmented reality helmet called PANDA Guide.

The founder, Arnaud Lenglet lived a blind week and this experience reinforced him in the idea that in the age of digital and robotics , there was a lot to do.

For that, his team combined different technologies : cognitive vision, machine learning, osteophony and binaural sound, to detect any obstacle in a radius of six meters.

Corrective glasses for multiple pathologies

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Rewarded by a gold SILMO, the model of connected glasses Nu Eyes allows, in a context of more limited use, to assist the visually impaired persons .
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They also use augmented reality to help those who want to use a computer, who want to read or write, but also to recognize the faces of the interlocutors.

[ =] Finally, the Americans of eSight propose a augmented reality telescope guaranteeing to the people suffering from macular degeneration, optical atrophy, conical dystrophy, various forms of glaucoma and many other pathologies, to find a certain independence.

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In addition to promoting the independence of the visually impaired , this system has the advantage of not causing problems of imbalance and nausea.