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Recruiting a work-study optician: a good idea!

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When we decide to set up our optical point of sale , or we already have a lot of experience, we do not necessarily think of focusing our recruitment on learning. However, recruiting a work-study optician has many advantages. Yes but here it is, how do you go about making the right choice?

Recruiting a work-study optician: the advantages

The recruitment of an apprentice , in any sector of activity, allows you to benefit from financial help. Controlling salary costs is one of the contingencies for any business leader. Thus, and even if the nature of the aid may vary according to the type of contract (apprenticeship or professionalization), they are not negligible. Judge instead:

  • Exemption from social contributions, which, depending on the size of the company, may be total or partial
  • Apprenticeship bonus of a minimum annual amount of 1000 euro, for companies with less than 11 employees .
  • Tax credit of 1600 to 2200 euros for the employment of an apprentice up to bac + 2
  • Various aid for the reception of disabled apprentices, and tax deductions depending on the case.

On the other hand, the apprentice, who arrives with a completely new will, will very often begin his professional experience with you. This is the opportunity to train someone in your profession but also and above all in the culture of your company . This strategic approach, which is very different from recruiting an employee who already has experience, is a real opportunity.


Alternating learning is a win-win approach. Today, more than 70% of apprentices obtain an employment contract less than seven months after the end of their apprenticeship. More than one in two apprentices are hired by their boss at the end of their contract.

It is therefore often, for the employer, the guarantee of having a good employee trained and who knows the reality of the professional world when they are first hired. Of course, the glue may not set, on either side.

Currently, around 28% of apprenticeship contracts have been broken . either by the employer (if the apprentice does not suit or does not meet expectations) or by the apprentice himself (change of orientation or other.)

Tailor-made training

The Brevet de Technicien Supérieur Optique-Lunetterie (BTS OL) does not necessarily have to be done on a work-study basis. But there are many solutions for recruiting an apprentice. Thus, the nine ISO schools (Institut Supérieur de l'Optique) are apprentice training centers (CFA) and offer the diploma in apprenticeship contract , as well as the professional title of Technician in Assembly and Sale of Optics-Eyewear.

On average, the school's success rate is 30% higher than the national average . The recruitment of an optician apprentice in this type of school also offers important educational guarantees, such as exchanges between school and company officials, to secure the progress of training as much as possible.
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Finally, know that the BTS does not is not the only diploma offered under a work-study contract, since, for students wishing to go further, schools can also offer a Bachelor of Management in Optics , a professional license in optics or a Bachelor in Vision Sciences .

If you want to recruit a work-study trainee, ISO Job Meetings allow you to organize meetings between employers and candidates.

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