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Eyes-Road meeting of October 5, 2012 at Silmo

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On the occasion of Silmo 2012, the Eyes-Road EEIG inaugurated its first meetings with all Optics stakeholders, its members, the specialized press and its partners.
[ =] On October 25, 2002, Eyes-Road was born … around the event of 10 years of the Groupement, these first meetings allowed to,

• Trace the "road traveled" in the EDI dedicated to the world of optics.

• Restore the rich news of Eyes-Road.

• Evoke the main projects on which the EEIG is mobilized.

Benjamin GUERIN, President of the Group and Philippe CELLIER, General Manager, gathered the actors behind the creation of Eyes-Road to develop successively with the hundreds of professionals present,

• Reasons for creating Eyes-Road and initial goals.

• The starting benefit offer and its evolution.

• The key dates for the development of the EEIG.

• The security of the proposed offer.

• The recent expansion of benefits.

• Lower prices.

• The evolution of the platform.

• Integration of new services

Find below the 2012 Eyes-Road Dating movies (short and long versions).

[youtube id = "jFb6lTDns2A" width = "600" height = "370"]
[youtube id = "vdWWHiAj7NA" width = "600" height = "370"]

Find below the photos of the cocktail that concluded these 2012 Eyes-Road Encounters.

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