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High-tech optics: the big comeback of Google Glass?

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After two years of work, Google has announced the return of its Google Glass. But unlike the first model, it is only for a target of professionals. The details in this article.

Who is Google Glass for?

We thought they were definitely buried, because of their bad press and the lack of enthusiasm of the general public, probably not mature enough for this type of connected product. Still, Google has announced the return of Google Glass . After being redesigned and adapted to professional use, it is now companies that these connected glasses are intended.

But what are its new uses? The idea of ​​these new Google Glass – called Glass Enterprise Edition – is to assist professionals in the practice of their profession. With augmented reality , they can access a wealth of information while keeping their hands free. We understand that they target a multitude of sectors: health, industrial production, building, etc. Imagine: thanks to them, a surgeon can operate his patient, while learning about his pathology, all in real time!

google glass

Google Glass: the news

google glass

To suit this new target, Google has reworked the design of its glasses , as well as its features. Among the novelties 2017: a lighter device, a battery that takes longer and optimized comfort. All in order to allow professionals to wear them throughout their working day. Also note, the camera has been improved and now reaches 8 MP (against 5 previously). But the most notable improvement of this new version of Google Glass is the ability to clip his glasses connected directly to his classic eyeglasses , but also on his industrial goggles, if you wear it in the exercise of his work. So, no need to remove your own glasses to use them!

According to Google, employees who tested Google Glass at work would have seen their production time reduced by 25%. It was an agricultural manufacturing plant.

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What about past mistakes?

If the Google glass are now moving away from the general public – the target they failed to reach two years ago, do they avoid the mistakes of the past? It seems in any case that Google has worked on the issue of privacy , problematic on the mainstream model. Indeed, if we can film everything around us with his glasses and therefore in all discretion, how to apply the right to the image ? On the new model, the company has therefore installed a green light, which comes on when the glasses are filming.

On the other hand, on a more concrete level (how to get Google Glass , how much do they cost, etc.), the information remains just as unclear as it was two years ago . In terms of price, no real indication has yet fallen and only fifty major companies, such as Volkswagen or Boeing, would use them already.

For all other companies, the wait is not over yet! 😉