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Health: the challenges of digital fatigue

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Screens of all kinds, badly adapted glasses, dry eyes … We have many reasons to have tired eyes every day. However, there are solutions to avoid it, such as anti blue light glasses, marketed by most opticians. Some of them have even chosen to make it the heart of their 2017 campaign. An overview in this article!

Opticians mobilize against blue light

According to the ASNAV (National Agency for the Improvement of Sight), the symptoms of visual fatigue appear after four hours of exposure to a screen. Logic then, that the number of people concerned does not stop increasing. Logic also, that opticians have chosen digital fatigue to make the heart of their 2017 campaign. Opticians, who have already understood for several years the need to offer in their catalog, frames with anti blue light lenses . If this is not already your case, it may be time to think about it!

digital fatigue

In store, do not hesitate to advise your customers to test their view online on the sites of Atol or Essilor . There are also applications on smartphone, including "Test View" , developed by Essilor .

Digital fatigue: the symptoms

There are different symptoms that may indicate that your customers are suffering from visual fatigue due to digital . Eyes that shoot and / or sting at the end of the day for example. Blurred vision, or even headaches, can also be indicators. This is a very regular complaint from people who ask a lot of their sight, especially high school students and students , who work a long time on a screen. This can also happen to digital employees , or more generally to people who use their computer all day at work.

digital fatigue

A fight led by Zeiss and Atol

In 2017, several opticians have chosen to raise awareness again the French to digital fatigue . This is the case of Zeiss , which broadcast this year, after a spot in September 2016 , a new television spot on national channels to highlight its Zeiss Digital Adapt lenses . Designed to relieve the eyes of wearers face intensive use of screens, they can adapt to different lenses: Digital Lenses unifocal , Progressive Zeiss Precision and office glasses Officelens . They also benefit from DuraVision BlueProtect treatment .

Atol has also chosen to put digital fatigue at the heart of its 2017 campaign. In its 2017 TV commercial, broadcast on national channels since March, the brand is committed to systematically offering its customers a blue light protection treatment. . His spot also aims to educate families on the importance of protecting their eyes from digital eye fatigue .

So, convinced to act in store too against digital fatigue?