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Insurance, guarantees ...: what after-sales service for opticians?

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For the customer looking for glasses, the price is not everything: the guarantees and services offered by the optician for after the purchase can also make the difference !

From glass replacement in the event of breakage to routine repairs or adaptation to change of vision, more and more opticians are offering increasingly advanced services and guarantees.
And What does your after-sales service offer ?

Services that improve comfort


Free exchange for 30 days, payment facilities, glasses or lenses adaptation guarantees: more and more services are available!
Adaptation warranties are more and more frequent and apply when the client is uncomfortable his vision or his mount, in the weeks following the purchase. The most common cases: difficulties to adapt to a first pair of progressive glasses or headaches. Some opticians then offer the opportunity to exchange glasses for free for new equivalent price. These services can also be applied to the mount which in some cases of discomfort can be exchanged. Same case for contact lenses, for which reimbursement or replacement may be offered in case of intolerance or unsuitability.

Krys allows for example to exchange for free , only once in the 30 days following the purchase, his glasses against new ones, with his " 30 days to change his mind ". At Atol , this warranty also covers the frame under certain conditions. If the modalities can vary, this trend seems to be democratized to offer everyone optimum visual comfort !

And if the view changes? Some opticians have also thought of this and offer guarantees change of view , to adapt at a lower cost to the changes of view of their customers, especially the youngest of them.

Additional guarantees increasingly advanced


Beyond comfort, the main concerns of the wearer of glasses is the loss and the breakage of his equipment! To meet this risk, most opticians offer anti-breakage guarantees and repair services that reassure their customers in the long term.

It is rare for an optician not to provide current repairs , even for equipment he has not sold, this is a manna to win the adhesion on competitors! These repairs are generally free: ultrasonic cleaning glasses, tightening or straightening a branch, adaptation to the customer's ear, free replacement of a hinge or silicone pads, small welds, etc.
Small cares that make all the difference for the customer!


For the breakage , the guarantees differ for each other. If a franchise is usually applied to the customer, some offer a free replacement for a certain period of time. At Jimmy Fairly or Lynx Optique for example, the replacement of glasses will be free for the first year; at Krys , the frame or lenses will be replaced identically with 70% discount on new equipment, etc. The same goes for the guarantee breakage frames, note that some even offer for the youngest guarantees unlimited breaks convenient for parents! As for contact lenses, some warranties also offer an anti-tear clause , which can also be a real plus for the customer.


In summary: selling glasses is just the starting point! Developing your after-sales service and the inherent offers will allow you to retain your customers and make sure you remain their favorite optician, whether you are a franchisee or independent.

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