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For whom?

If you are an optician who would like to single out, centralized location of your catalogs and published by your company, or your retail chain, this service is for you.

For what purpose?

With this service you will have access to a secure extranet site which will allow you to choose from a list of available catalogs, or receive by e-mail.

These catalogs are absolutely necessary for:

  • Send your electronic orders.
  • Send your information to your suppliers.

How it works? We explain you everything in this video! (sorry, only available in French version …)


EDI Optics Association's standard OPTOv11 format and the standard format.OptimEyes or OptimEyes-Road.

Our technical platforms are accessible via secure and proven exchange protocols (FTP, SFTP, FTP over SSL, web services). They are hosted in France at Colt Telecom, and conform as part of the HDS certification as required by ASIP Health

We guarantee to have a good time on our platforms, with return to service, from 9am to 6pm, 5 days a week.

How much?

This service is completely free !!!

Contact us to register