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SILMO 2015: What should not be missed this year!

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From the 25th to the 28th of September 2015 took place the 13th edition of the SILMO, the international professional exhibition of optics-eyewear.


For the 6th edition of the SILMO Academy , the theme was the visual efficiency with conferences articulated on 3 main axes: "How to evaluate it? »,« Visual Efficiency and Lens »and« Visual Efficiency and Presbyopia ».
The scientific symposium also dealt with the two following topics:" Efficiency of near vision, its proximity measurement "and" Refraction of the visually impaired person ". , so as not to increase the blur. "

One of the highlights of the optics show is the delivery of SILMO gold. This award ceremony rewards innovations in 8 categories. Find the winners on the website of the SILMO 2015 edition.


Side frames, we notice the craze for customizable glasses like Zenka with these interchangeable faces … The democratization of 3D printers brings significant creative opportunities with a boom of tailor-made to predict! Patrick Hoet was also the first to make frames in 3D printing not full, with meshes or insertions of metal and, immense innovation, the first 3D impression of titanium mount !

One retains especially the ever richer diversity of materials: Slave to ancestors offers leather frames of chicken legs or anaconda, Jean François Rey launches a range of acetate and leather, seaweed-based plastic designed by Naoned or the wooden glasses , big emergent tendency that it is of the 100% or materials mixed like at Ozed .


There is progress in contactology . If today monthly lenses cover all types of correction, great progress is made so that it is the same with the daily.

Side research, lenses capable of streaming a drug substance ( insulin for example) were mentioned …

And on our side, at Eyes-Road, we have not failed to prepare surprises, again and again!
[= ] For more information on the show, you can watch TV SILMO videos on the dedicated YouTube channel.