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Sleep Glasses: good or bad concept?

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Rest glasses, anti-blue light , driving glasses , every frame now seems to have its uses. And another type of glasses is appearing: the Sleep Glasses ! But what can they be used for? Should we start to wear, and therefore create glasses to sleep? Not quite. We'll explain.

Sleep Glasses: simple anti-blue light glasses?

First of all, we can note that this concept of Sleep Glasses does not yet offer a French translation. We could give it a try, offering sleep glasses , or night glasses , but those terms would be, perhaps, slightly incorrect.

[Caption id = "attachment_10669" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] sleeping-glasses-light Blue light can make it hard to find sleep … @Unsplash [/ caption]

These are actually anti-blue light glasses, but calibrated to protect eyes when the light is at its lowest. In other words, when you offer a pair of glasses equipped with anti-blue light lenses , it is in particular to reduce the harmful effects that the latter can cause. These glasses are also systematically offered to people who work on screens.

The difference is above all the level of protection , which will be adapted to the ambient light when the we are getting ready to go to sleep, for example. These glasses would also protect the eyes when waking up in the middle of the night. Indeed, who has not experienced difficulties falling asleep again after getting up to go to the toilet or the bathroom? The light, contrasting sharply with the restful ambience of the night, would mistakenly indicate to the brain that it is time to get up.

[Caption id = "attachment_10668" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] sleeping-with-glasses We must at all costs avoid finding ourselves in this kind of situation … @ Unsplash [/ caption]

These glasses are therefore intended to block more light in order to recreate a environment more conducive to sleep.

A really effective concept?

So, wearing Sleep Glasses before going to sleep, or when you get up during the night, does it work?

Some media, like New York Magazine , or CNN , have looked into the question. The former remain very skeptical, criticizing the yellow or red hues that make wearing glasses unpleasant. Their effectiveness is also put to the test.

[Caption id = "attachment_10671" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] Model-Faraday-Felix-Gray-Sleep-Glasses The Faraday model, from Felix Gray Eyewear – @FelixGray [/ caption]

Certainly, if most scientists recognize the impact of blue light on sleep (especially because it blocks the production of melatonin , the sleep hormone), many also point to the fact that many other factors can disturb it.

Thus, any professional or personal activity, the stress and many other things can be the cause of difficulties.

Model-Amber-Gunnar-Sleep-Glasses The Amber model, which is also used for gaming and people who spend most of their time on a screen. @Gunnar [/ caption]

Others are more laudatory and highlight the need, in a society hyper-consuming screens of all kinds, to protect oneself as much as possible. It is not always easy to stop facing the screens several hours before going to sleep. But that's another debate.

In any case, many brands have already positioned themselves in this market, which is very popular in the United States. Among them we can quote Felix Gray , Warby Parker , Gunnar or even True Dark .

So, the Sleep Glasses, good or bad concept, according to you?