Solar: in winter too!

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When we prepare to face the winter , we think above all of our sweater, our hat and all that can keep us warm! But the reverberation of the light on the ice and the snow make that the solar ones are not reserved for the summer: they are an accessory equally essential during the winter period . So in the midst of sales and the approach of the winter holidays , focus on the radius of sunglasses and ski goggles , especially important for your customers these days!

Awareness of winter light

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The reverberation of rays on ice and snow and the profusion of ultraviolet radiation make sunglasses the perfect accessory for mountain holidays and snowy regions, but not everyone is aware of it.

In the summer, the sun is obvious for their aesthetic side and to protect the eyes from light . Yet in reality, ultraviolet rays are much more dangerous in winter than in summer! Green landscapes reflect much less light than in winter , where snow and ice return close to all the rays , containing high levels of ultraviolet light that can significantly damage the retina.

To protect the eyes from these rays , only sunglasses with category 3 and 4 lenses provide sufficient protection. High quality glasses, CE marked , are not a fad but a necessity for filtering all or almost all harmful rays. Investing in solar is also a winter need, but quite compatible with the glasses worn in summer if they are well chosen!

The glasses in the mountains, which models to favor?

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Beyond the aesthetic choice, the preferred models for hiking or skiing will be primarily dynamic wide-screen sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun but also wind, projections and keep them stable.

This winter , the trend is to geometric-shaped glasses ( we talked about it last week ), and the round glasses are the stars of the edge of tracks. The glacier glasses , which protect the eyes from the side rays , also make a big comeback this winter , for their vintage line. To have in your shelves!

In order to protect eyes from reflections, polarized lenses are particularly advisable, containing a special filter that blocks glare and reduces glare. The gray and brown lenses are suitable, as are the black lenses, which also have the side, and have real UV protection . They are perfect for days of full sun in winter. Mirror lenses , finally, seduce by their iridescent finish and come in many colors: yellow, blue, green, silver …
Be careful though some of these glasses when worn by car and especially for those categorized 4: their wearing is prohibited during driving!
Frequently forgotten in stores, the contrasting glasses with orange lenses (also pink and yellow) are the complement of their sisters oriented solar . They protect the eyes from snow and improve the visibility of the terrain during snowy days or in fog . Also, they are conducive to driving and can be damped over the rest of the year!

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Finally for the more athletic , nothing better protection than the ski masks that remain unavoidable. They maintain the cap and help preserve heat, protect against projections and are compatible for some with glasses . The models are more and more technical , with anti-fogging system, aeration, light and resistant foams, flexible mounts and scratch-resistant protection, among others. The most technical models will be compatible with the wearing of the helmet, aerodynamics and ergonomics bonus. Some are also photochromic and are just as suitable for limited visibility as a great sun on the slopes!

Sunglasses or ski goggles , the main one is to propose a model as covering as possible, the UV rays not arriving only frontally. But also and especially at the right size: the adjustment is essential as the optical equipment can be solicited in the mountains. Whatever the choice of your customers, it is above all a story of affinity and comfort, then tan traces at the end of the stay!