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Start-ups in optics: they chose crowdfunding!

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Crowdfunding is one of the financing methods favored by French start-ups from all fields. And if you were told that this was also the case with optics? Whether to diversify, launch a collection or even create their workshop from scratch, many optical start-ups have chosen crowdfunding to develop. We present you three optical start-ups who have bet on this mode of financing!

Lunetist: to switch to solar


The start-up of optics that is talking about her right now is Lunetist . The sign of high-end vintage glasses has chosen crowdfunding to finance the pre-sale of its solar collection. At the origin of this brand, Célia Poncelin, a student in political science, tired of always having the same glasses as her friends. She decides to recycle vintage mounts she finds in chinage. Much more original, according to her, than modern glasses. For this, she has them restored by an optician eyewear , which adds new glasses and adapted to their shape. Result: unique glasses, high-end and despite the selection mode, a large choice of shapes and styles (aviator, square, round, cat eyes, etc.).

Currently, 65% of the project is funded. You still have 15 days to support Lunetist !

Shelter: to launch his new collection

The Shelter start-up has been in existence for three years and is one of the most promising start-ups in optics. After launching its first collection of wooden goggles in 2013 thanks to crowdfunding, Shelter decided to bet again on crowdfunding for his new collection called PULP.


PULPE glasses are made of 100% recycled materials : 60% cotton, 30% wood pulp and 10% binder. They are also 80% biodegradable. Shelter is therefore deepening its eco-responsible and sustainable approach , at the origin of the brand's project, while offering trendy and design eyewear. Mounts that are also made in France , in the Jura.

The project was financed at the end of last year and the models are already available on the Shelter e-shop !

Wave of wood: to create your brand


Crowdfunding is also the financing technique chosen by the creators of Wave of wood . But here, unlike Shelter, who was looking to launch a new collection, it was here to finance the creation of a workshop and its equipment (tools, software, etc.), but also to find funds to buy the necessary raw materials and create a website. At the origin of the project Wave of wood: two passionate opticians, who wanted to create from A to Z a collection of wooden glasses , from eco-managed forest. Note that these frames are also 100% customizable . This makes it possible to choose their shape, color and even finish (gloss or matte).

Today, after having been financed at 105% on KissKissBankBank , the brand Wave of wood exists. It is even distributed in nearly 25 stores in France! Following this great success, she made a second call to crowdfunding successfully, to have her own stand during the Silmo 2017 in Paris . You can find them next October on their own stand!

A good proof that optical start-ups are dynamic and know how to use the latest generation tools available to them;)