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Startups of optics: in search of an Eldorado?

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With more than one in three French people wearing glasses, the optical market is a juggernaut that has not escaped the creators of startups , determined to share this market and revolutionize it with new concepts ! Many entrepreneurs are thus embarking on the adventure, evolving the optical market , to adapt to the habits and needs of its consumers with innovative products and services . Among the many gold diggers of this eldorado, focus on 3 economic models come disrupter optics-eyewear.

Izipizi: glasses without correction before anything


In a market where glasses have become fashion accessories, some optical startups assume that anyone should be able to wear them without a prescription, at least for minimal corrections … This is the case Izipizi , formerly See Concept, has chosen to focus its offer on reading comfort, protection against blue light, glasses for water sports or solar (among others). A great way to touch geeks, seniors and kids, is not it? Initially sold in self service in post offices and banks, the startup is turning a corner and today attacks the market of the individual with its e-commerce. She works hand in hand with the opticians, who now distribute her pairs!

RdvOphtalmo.com: the ophthalmologist … without the wait!


All your customers will tell you: an appointment with the ophthalmologist, it is several months of waiting, and it is discouraging … The start-up rdvophtalmo.com therefore decided to surf on this observation and of propose a clever solution to the most impatient! In a few clicks, ophthalmologists who release appointment slots leave access to the booking on their online schedule. Tip: If you can choose the date and let the site find you an appointment, you can also sort the proposals by price, to avoid any excess fees! Convenient to help a rushed customer find an ophthalmologist to get a diagnosis or prescription refill …

Mobile Opticians: buy glasses without moving


Particularly adapted to the market of the seniors of which we spoke to you some time ago, the startup Les Opticiens Mobiles proposes to move for free at home . The client makes an appointment, the optician moves to the place of his choice, then after choosing the glasses and accepting the quote, the factory manufactures glasses and books. For the startup created in 2014 by a former Essilor , the offer saves its customers time and energy, for a service equivalent to content rates .

These new business models are gradually revolutionizing the optical market for its greater good. But these startups , adding to more than 12,000 opticians in practice, they contribute to an already exacerbated concentration of the sector, grazing the saturation? Time and consumers alone can judge the relevance and sustainability of these!