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Trend: Optics boom on YouTube

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YouTube, the new favorite communication channel of the optical sector? Many reports on opticians and business testimonials are already published and are viewed several thousand times each. But today, it seems that the new trend is to look for YouTubers. We decrypt for you this phenomenon!

A growing trend

Several YouTube channels created by opticians already carve out the lion's share in recent years. Among the most famous: that of AnSoStyle , a passionate optician of fashion.

On his channel, tips to choose his glasses according to his morphology and trends, how to wear makeup when wearing glasses , but also more technical advice to handle his contact lenses , for example. The YouTubeuse is present on all social networks and can count on the support of a growing community . The proof: she is regularly invited to events in her city, Antibes, and is one of the influencers who matter!

The vein of optics on Youtube

Some optical professionals have already felt the vein before others. OL Mag , in particular, has been collaborating since early 2016 with Bapt , a YouTubeur optician . As part of this partnership, he regularly publishes on the channel of L'OL mag short videos of about 5 minutes on the theme of optics, mostly humorous, where the young man has fun deconstructing the world optics , clichés and everyday life.

Partnership with a YouTubeur: what are the benefits?

For L'OL Mag , this type of collaboration is very wise. It is the assurance of reaching a young target , sensitive to the video content and humor of Bapt. But that does not mean that YouTubeur does not tackle more detailed and technical topics. The proof, the last video of Bapt concerns the new standard optical estimate . For this type of content, the video format is also a very good choice, because it makes it possible to explain more clearly a subject that might seem complicated at first. Moreover, this is a subject that interests readers of L'OL Mag .

optical youtubers

In a few years, these opticians YouTubeurs may be real stars! That's all we wish them 😉