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Trend: the boom of glasses in vintage style

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This year again, the vintage is on the page! Inspired by the trends of the interwar period or the 80s, through the 50s, retro glasses are popular and this is confirmed on every street corner and on the opticians' displays, that either solar ray or glasses. Whether inspired by collections of yesteryear, reissues or true old models, focus on the boom of glasses in vintage style.

When the retro inspires the current collections

The glasses of the moment draw on past trends! Butterfly-shaped leaves to push it to its climax as in the future collection from Lafont and thus land on the nose of fashionistas eyebrows treated for a style to Marilyn; round and metallic at the Lennon ; heart-shaped like Kubrick Lolita; or even more rectangular mixing metal and acetate at the Mad Men as Waldorf , collections 2018 often draw on the references of models having been classics of their era by bringing them up to date . Look and modernity thus make the pair with current materials guaranteeing comfort, lightness and strength, but also and above style!

Reissues of vintage models

Brands understand this: Reissuing a flagship model of their past collections is a great way to get people talking. As with Adidas Stan Smith, eyewear quickly understood the interest of reproducing their successes of yesteryear : Ray-Ban with its particular model The General of 1987; Julbo with the legendary Vermont or the redemption of the star brand of the 70s Solar ; or Christian Roth and the cultured 6558 worn at the time by Kurt Cobain in the 90s found on the nose of many celebrities today , are just some examples of successful reissues.

Really vintage collectors

Finally, for those who want the original glasses and not a reissue or a retro model, startups like Lunetist or Crazy Eyeglasses offer for sale real vintage pearls from the 20s to the 80s refurbished . Chinned by enthusiasts and then restored , they make the purists happy and bring an undeniable cachet !

As Coco Chanel said so well, "in fashion, nothing is ever really lost". This is also true in the field of optics where "recycling" is also legion with the boom of glasses in vintage style, for the happiness of the nostalgic and trend-seekers!