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Optics: Top 5 most read articles in 2018

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And that's it! The year 2018 has closed to make room for the last chapter of the decade 2010. All the Eyes-Road team would like to wish you a happy new year 2019, with high point, an excellent health, that it is visual or not! We hope that this new year will be rich in innovation and sharing among all actors in the sector!

In the meantime, it's time to take stock of the most read articles of the blog in 2018!

Recycling spectacles: a humanitarian and solidarity approach

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Almost everyone hides a pair of glasses in their closets, just in case. Know that, according to a survey conducted by Atol , nearly 100 million pairs are unused in France.

This figure is a considerable treasure for NGOs that can recycle and redistribute to people in difficulty and in developing countries.

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How to deposit your old glasses for recycling
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What after-sales service for opticians?

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To face the competition, it's no longer a secret, you have to know how to differentiate yourself . Certainly the most powerful of the levers, the after-sales service makes it possible to retain its customers .

Free exchanges, guarantees adaptation, insurances loss and breakage, repairs … the ideas do not miss to propose an effective service and to be done recommend .

In the digital age, here is more than just a must!

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Find out how to improve his after-sales service

Anti-blue light filter: lenses too!

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In our time, blue light has almost become the number one enemy for our eyes . Also, manufacturers are doing what they can to protect them from this aggression.

Blue light filters have become commonplace on our optical equipment, especially our lenses.

Now , it is possible to equip the contact lenses of these filters , good news while waiting to go even further!

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[ =] Discover the manufacturers who launched the anti-blue light lenses!

Glasses anti-fatigue or anti-blue light: what to advise your customers?

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We remain in the theme of visual health to take stock of the differences between anti-fatigue lenses and anti-blue light glasses .

Faced with the ceaseless gymnastics of our eyes, it is important to guard against eyestrain , as dangerous as the blue light for the eyes.

So, glasses of rest or filter glasses?
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Discover how to lead your customers to this problem

Magnifying glasses, good or bad idea?

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While more and more people are affected by presbyopia , investing in magnifying glasses, which grow in several diopters (between +0.50 and +4) can be interesting .

Easy to find and at a relatively low price , are they to be recommended?

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Comment to warn customers about magnifying glasses?

This year, it is the theme of visual health that has interested you the most, with a touch of solidarity and humanism and also expectations at the marketing level. There is no doubt that these topics will still be in the news of our world of optics in 2019 …

Thank you for reading, your unconditional support is our biggest driver!