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Top optical items in 2020

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The year 2020 has just passed, and the least we can say is that it was very special! Like every year, we offer you a retrospective of the most viewed optical articles during this past year.

This is also the opportunity for the entire Eyes-Road team to wish you a happy new year 2021 ! We hope that this will bring hope to succeed in containing the health crisis. The optical sector will still offer us a number of innovations and ideas. We'll be there to let you know.

Top optical articles: Recycling always popular!

Should we see a cause and effect link with this year which forced us to think of the world differently? In any case, our articles on recycling glasses are the number one most viewed articles.


In this article, we mention different ways to recycle glasses , from simple donation to consignment, including material recycling . Many companies have started, and as we are nice, we give them to you here:

Anti-fatigue and anti-blue light glasses and lenses, a field that fascinates!

Our second article gives pride of place to companies that have launched into the production of lenses with an anti-blue light filter . These lenses, while remaining flexible, have a selective blue light blocking filter , and filter UVA and UVB rays . They also have the ability to prevent AMD .


The article that completes the podium also tells us about technology to block blue light. It makes the difference with another type of protective glasses, rest lenses .

These are suitable for people between 20 and 45 years old who suffer from headaches, fatigue or even decreasing vision after a certain time spent reading or working with precision: not necessarily in front of a screen!

Worn occasionally, they are aspherical and have a slight correction (or additional correction) on the lower part of the lens (like progressive lenses). This thus limits visual efforts and minimizes visual fatigue.


A dossier on the eye and art to close this eclectic top

Finally, our dossier on the eye and art was very successful! Going back to the first men and passing through ancient Egypt, this file shows us that, from time immemorial , the eye has fascinated.


This is also always the case since in contemporary art , and especially in modern literature and cinema, the latter is very often put forward. This is the case for many works that have crossed the decades, such as 1984, or the films of Hitchcock and Sergio Leone.

In any case, this top confirms our desire to continue to provide you with quality content around the optical sector which, definitely, has not finished saying its last word!

And you, what is your article prefer ?