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Eye trauma ... Warning Danger!

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Blows, projections, dust, flying insect that nestles on the surface of the cornea … Eye trauma is uncountable . They can easily appear benign, or be quickly treated by a few injections of eye drops or drops. However, the consequences can be much more serious than it seems . Some simple precautions should also be taken to avoid getting hurt.

Eye trauma, a danger even without pain

Ophthalmic emergencies have some 300,000 cases per year . Of these, one in six represents a case of ocular trauma . The most affected people are men aged 35 to 45, elderly women and children under the age of 5.

It should be noted that often, if there is only a small bruise, a weak pain and that passes with the time, or even no pain at all, the risk is nonetheless reduced .


Indeed, any shock to the eye can cause much greater damage than pain can give us.

It is therefore preferable, in these cases, still to have your eyes or eyes touched.

Of course, if there is the slightest pain, the blinking eye, a decrease in visual acuity or any other anomaly, the emergency ophthalmological examination is an obligation !

This examination allows, in first, to treat the affliction or to determine if the injury caused no damage, but also to prevent any infection .


Because this is the first risk. A case of intraocular infection can have serious consequences for the eye.

It is therefore the trauma and not the pain that results from it that should decide the consultation.

For example, a very small glow may go unnoticed by entering the eye at great speed and causing considerable damage to the iris, lens or retina .

Prevention to improve

Faced with these risks, professionals find that with a few simple prevention rules, a good deal of these accidents can be avoided .

We think of course, the goggles for DIY, but also those for sports, the use of which is far from systematic .


These, however, avoid any unintentional encounters with branches or insects, but also protect against ball sports such as squash or badminton.
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So we offer you some of these simple rules to pass on to your clients to protect their eyes from the risk of eye trauma:

  • When using chemicals or under pressure, do not put your face on top , especially for products with hazard pictograms.
  • The opening of soda bottles such as cider or champagne regularly causes eye injuries, easily avoided by holding the bottle vertical with the cap directed to the ceiling .
  • In the stores, children are to be watched to avoid any accidental shock against presentation hooks products that are at eye level.

What about you? Do you have other precautions to avoid eye trauma?