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Glasses anti-fatigue or anti-blue light: what to advise your customers?

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Dry, painful eyes, headaches or even blurred vision … Nearly a third of French people complain that their eyes are tired when they pass by. too much time in front of a screen, or working too close! To fight against these ocular disorders more and more frequent, there is now a varied offer to offer to your customers. So, anti-fatigue or anti-blue light glasses? Zoom on the differences between these glasses that are good!

Like the auto-focus of a camera, the pupil must focus . From near, then from afar, again very closely … The eyes are constantly solicited and all the more in front of these many screens that are part of our daily lives. Including the one on which this article is displayed! This almost constant eye effort tires the eyes, while they are already plagued by the famous blue light . To help you see more clearly, here are the differences between anti-fatigue and anti-blue light lenses :

The glasses anti-blue light

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In fact, anti-blue light lenses are more like anti-blue light treatment . It is suitable for all people who spend time in front of screens   : whether they have a correction or not, whether they wear lenses , glasses wearers, big or small! This treatment filters the blue light quantitatively and thus protects the retina from this harmful emission, notably for the biological clock and the quality of sleep.

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Our member Krys offers glasses dedicated to the protection of the eyes in front of the screens with the range eProtect

Anti-fatigue lenses

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Also called sleep glasses, anti-fatigue glasses are suitable for people between the ages of 20 and 45 who suffer from headaches, tiredness or even a diminishing vision after some time spent reading or working with precision: not necessarily in front of a screen! Occasionally worn , they are aspherical and have a slight correction (or additional correction) on the lower part of the glass (like progressive lenses). This limits the visual effort and minimizes visual fatigue . They are suitable for people with normal vision as well as for glasses . Suitable for long work sessions or reading, these glasses are not to be confused with the famous "magnifying glasses", these magnifying glasses of extra-light sold everywhere.

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Essilor offers a complete solution of products to prevent visual fatigue

If anti-fatigue and anti-blue light lenses are different, they are compatible! But beware: although these products are considered "comfort" aids, the eye disorders mentioned above are not to be taken lightly … A tip to provide, however, remains to fight against fatigue, whether in front of a screen , a book or a book: as on the highway, the break is required!