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Photochromic glasses in store: are we going?

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No need to take the sun out of the first ray: thanks to the photochromic lenses (or glasses with variable shade), the glasses adapt automatically and very quickly to changes in brightness. We review their benefits.

Photochromic lenses: what is it?

The principle is simple: they contain photochromic molecules, which react to UV rays and thus to sunlight. It is this reaction that causes them to darken – more or less depending on the intensity of the rays. The frames will go from transparent to black and therefore from classic eyeglasses to sunglasses.

photochromic lenses

Where it's interesting is that you do not have to change your glasses every five minutes, depending on whether you're in or out, but in addition to the glasses adapt to the intensity of UV rays. The eyes are therefore better protected than ordinary sunglasses. Another advantage: photochromic lenses adapt to all types of correction , even if you wear progressive lenses.

When to use them?

We imagine, so it is especially in summer that the purchase of this type of glasses is interesting . They avoid to have without stop on his pair of solar, especially on vacation. If one starts at the seaside or in the mountains, they can even become a valuable ally health because they protect against reflected sunlight on water or snow, particularly dangerous for the eyes.

The Photochromic lenses can also be very useful when one is driving because they protect against glare. However, do not forget that most windshields block 99% of UV rays and therefore the glasses will not darken much. To remedy this, there is today a new type of glasses with variable shade , which not only react to UV, but also to visible light . This is the case, for example, Drivewear glasses from Novacel . The only drawback is the hue, which oscillates between khaki and brown.

photochromic lenses

Why offer them in store?

Many opticians already offer photochromic lenses in stores. This is particularly the case of Zeiss with its ranges PhotoFusion and Umbramatic . Some brands such as Transitions have even specialized in variable-tone lenses and offer different collections to follow the aesthetic trends of eyewear optics.

photochromic lenses

In terms of benefits, this represents a significant saving for the customer, since he has only one frame to acquire. To convince potential buyers, you can also play on the health argument : they protect the eyes from the sun's rays that attack them. A particularly valid argument in the summer, as we saw above. Photochromic lenses are also a way to ensure their safety while driving .

So, photochromic lenses, are you going? 😉