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Tinted glasses: how to advise your customers?

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Choosing tinted lenses can be challenging for a customer. Indeed, several criteria are to be taken into consideration. Again, each person has different needs and expectations . We propose you to make a point on the advice to lavish.

Choice of tinted lenses: very different criteria

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There are four main criteria that will help to choose the right shade of glasses , the first of them being, of course, the correction . ]

Myopics are advised to favor brown tints , the latter improving contrasts . Farsighted people , for their part, will probably prefer shades allowing a better restitution of the colors, like gray or green .

Comfort is an essential characteristic of the choice of the color of glasses. So do not hesitate to have your customers try the colors over a certain period of time, especially if they have not been used to wearing this type of glasses.

Just as important , use and daily or leisure activities will allow you to know more to direct your customers.

The use of glasses according to these activities is in addition an excellent way to offer a personalized service.

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For outdoor athletes (hiking, golf …), advise the adoption of a gray tint , always for its advantage not to distort the colors . Ideal also in case of strong luminosity .

Concerning the winter sports, where concentration and comfort are essential, one will be directed this time towards the brown or orange hues because they have the net advantage of reducing visual fatigue , while increasing contrasts .

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The yellow tints will be very appreciated in moments with very low luminosity, as for the driving of night for example. Find our detailed article on the subject here .

Not denaturing the colors, offering a good perception of the contrast, the green shade is more a universal shade, rather pleasant in many situations.

The aesthetic side, finally, will play a big role in the final choice.

Remember that the key is protection!

To color an organic glass , it is immersed in colored solutions. We can imagine all kinds of different colors . But some shades, like blue or pink , offer no optical advantage and will be favored only for an aesthetic choice.

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You can also offer your customers a customization of the lens tint, with a gradient or mirror effect .

[ =] Remember, however, that the shade alone does not protect against UV rays and that for optimal protection, polarized lenses should be preferred.