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www.acuite.fr, "Exchange of computer data, the optical sector cited by the government as an example"

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In conclusion of the Estates General of the Industry, Christian Estrosi, Minister for Industry, launches a call for projects with 5 million euros to make digital a lever of development for French SMEs, allowing them to register in a real logic of industrial sector. This program will support, in partnership with Medef, projects led by groups of companies wishing to dematerialize their exchanges. It is part of the continuity of the ICT / SME plan 2010 (10 million euros over the last 5 years) in which our sector has been particularly successful.

EDI at the service of Made in France

In the optical sector, the digitization of trade, supported by the 2010 ICT / SME program, has improved competitiveness and reduced processing times. In a sector subject to fierce international competition, this tool was particularly essential for the strategy of promoting Made in France and relocating production at the Jura eyewear stores by the Atol group. "With digital, we have a great tool at the service of Made in France to streamline and boost exchanges between all the companies in our industrial sectors, just like what has been done in the optical sector". announce in a statement, Christian Estrosi

Clear weather to better advise and inform porters

A demonstration of the benefits of EDI was conducted last night at the Atol store. Antony (92), in the presence of Philippe Peyrard, CEO of Atol, Gilles Sauvanaud, president of the EDI Optique association (and general manager of Rodenstock France), Dominique Harrouet, sales director of the L'Amy group (and member of EDI Optique), Ludovic Mathieu, director of visual health at Essilor, and Jean-Pierre Corniou, president of the 2010 ICT / SME coordination body at Medef. He highlighted the EDI Optics project as a "remarkable example". "The relationships between the virtual and the real will characterize our time. EDI provides time to improve the quality of services. This approach aims to develop the quality of jobs, the quality of life. In an optical shop, these results are visible, "he added. "On an average of 10 daily second pair fixtures, EDI saves us 2.5 hours a day and improves our productivity by 10%. This time is used to advise our customers. We also contribute to the elimination of the Social Security deficit: the computerization of the 10 million annual acts of compulsory reimbursement in optics would generate 150 million euros of savings for health insurance "indeed explained Philippe Peyrard.

Article published on www.acuite.fr on March 24th, 2010.