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Eyes-Road held its traditional annual review

Usually, the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) Eyes-Road holds a press conference during SILMO to report on its news and developments. Health context obliges, it is virtually that the event of this year was held, this Thursday, November 26.

The platform again in progress
The occasion for Philippe Cellier, general manager of 'Eyes-Road, to announce that the platform this summer crossed the symbolic mark of 100 million orders translated since its creation in 2002.

Despite the complicated year, the number of opticians connected to the platform increased again this year, to 15,538 (15,300 last year), including 13,132 in France. Nearly 6,000 opticians issue orders (+ 14% vs. 2019) and more than 2,000 download catalogs (+ 8%).

Despite the confinements and orders logically in free fall during the 1st (-90 to -95% in April), Eyes-Road did not stop during the year: “ We continued to serve the few clients we had at that time and we worked on subjects for which we had less time before, such as the finalization of developments related to GDPR compliance to target Eyes-Road Compliant GDPR status ”, explained Philippe Cellier.

Ready for new LPP codes
While the final implementation of the new manufacturer LPP codes has been postponed to July 1, the CEO of Eyes-Road also spoke of the "taskforce", a working group that brought together the platform , the various opticians' unions (Rof, Fnof, Synom), Gifo, EDI-Optique and the Interprofessional Optics Council (CIO).

The sta ndard OptoLPP was thus born and Eyes-Road adjusted its IDDIC application to allow eyewear and glassmakers to upload their OptoLPP files to send them to opticians, making it easier to identify the products to be reimbursed. “ Today, around thirty OptoLPP files are already available to opticians, ” said Philippe Cellier.

Eyes-Road's key figures to date

  • 15,538 connected opticians, including 13,132 in France.
  • 220 members / client users of the platform including:
    • 18 distributors;
    • 23 publishers;
    • 179 manufacturers (13 contactology laboratories, 35 glassmakers and 131 eyewear manufacturers).
  • 10.7 million electronic orders processed over the last 12 months (November 2019 to October 2020).
  • 1,497 catalogs available.

Article published on www.acuite.fr on November 26, 2020.

Press relations: Vincent Lepape – v.lepape@eyes-road.com