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www.acuite.fr, "Eyes-Road is enriched with two offers to accommodate 100% of industrialists"

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www.acuite.fr, "Eyes-Road is enriched with two offers to accommodate 100% of industrialists" Article published on www.acuite.fr on October 9, 2015.

With 88 members (+ 11% this year) and a strong community of eyewear (25), the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) Eyes -Road is positioned as the leader of exchanges and dematerialized transactions on the optical market. In fact, the group's turnover grew by 3% and more than 7.5 million order transactions passed through the platform over the last 12 months. Another proven figure: connected opticians are now more than 9,400, an increase of 6% compared to 2014.

Based on these results, the company offers 2 new offers: Freedom and Freedom +. With the first, manufacturers can receive up to 600 electronic orders each year. Its extension "Freedom +" is unlimited in number, for a participation of 0.5 euros from the 601st order. "We have implemented these new offers to accommodate 100% of manufacturers," said Philippe Cellier, Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Remember also that "Autonomy" is intended for opticians. Simply download the supplier catalogs and upload your product orders. And to train users, Eyes-Road sets up webinars, seminars on the Internet. These demonstrations / training on application, via a screen sharing of about 30 minutes, explain the features of the offers.

Enhanced communication on social networks

To develop data exchanges Computerized, Eyes-Road also strengthens its communication. The group communicates on social networks ( Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Viadeo and YouTube ) in addition to the production of quarterly newsletters. Also, a blog has been set up on the website of the platform. It will be powered by two monthly fund items. The topics will be: optics marketing, optician's trade and high-tech optics.

Press relations: Dominique Cattezd.cattez@eyes-road.com