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www.acuite.fr, «Download catalogs and place orders with Eyes-Road»

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Article published on www.acuite.fr on June 8, 2015. To view it online, go directly to the Acuity website by clicking here , or via our press reviews here .


The European Economic Interest Grouping Eyes-Road claims the leading position of exchanges and dematerialized transactions on the optical market. This EEIG, which operates thanks to membership fees, now has 91 members, of which 60 are industrial, 25 are publishers and major optical retailers.

8 million transactions recorded in 2014
[= ] " In 2014, we recorded a 2% increase in the number of transactions that reached 8 million, " said Philippe Cellier, CEO of Eyes-Road. To manage these transactions, the platform offers two offers: Freedom and Autonomy.

With the Freedom offer, non-member industrialists can distribute their catalog free of charge 4 times a year. With the Autonomy offer, opticians have access to several services free of charge through their management software connected to the Eyes-Road platform: download catalogs and place their electronic orders. " We will evolve our offers and present our new services at Silmo, " revealed Philippe Cellier.

Different communication actions to develop the use of the platform

The director general delegate details the various communication actions implemented to develop electronic data exchanges in our sector: quarterly newsletter, active presence on social networks, video testimonials on YouTube … And to train users, Eyes-Road proposes webinars, seminars on the internet. These demonstrations / training on the application, via a screen sharing of about 30 minutes, explain the features of the offers.

" On the industrial side, electronic orders are cheaper to process than orders by fax or telephone, "says Philippe Cellier who adds that" opticians, increasingly accustomed to dematerialized exchanges with third-party payment, are still more likely to use the platform . " In total, some 3,000 opticians have now become accustomed to teletransmitting.

Press relations: Dominique Cattezd.cattez@eyes-road.com