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France Optique, "2018, Eyes-Road, leader in the deployment and promotion of EDI ..."

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Eyes-Road, A trajectory with high added value

In 2002, Eyes-Road's mission was to facilitate the first electronic data interchange (EDI) of a few players in the profession.

Convinced of the need to optimize, organize and implement documentary exchanges between manufacturers and distributors, the platform developed by Eyes-Road has ensured these transactions, safely.

A flawless mission
[ =] In 2018, the EEIG Eyes Road brings together more than 90% of the main industrial players, distributors and publishers taking advantage of the full range of services offered.

More than 11,000 opticians are connected to the platform Our clear ambition and displayed is to encourage them more and more to download the many catalogs available and practice the sending of electronic orders.

Indeed, each user benefits from a tool of transmissions of data powerful and standardized in the framework initiated by the EDI-Optique Association.

The "Sell Out", a progressive action

Following on from the announcement made by Eyes-Road in 2017, the EEIG is initiating communication with industrial (contactology laboratories, eyewear, glassmakers) around sales information.

As a reminder, the message "Sell Out" allows manufacturers to be informed of sales made by a distributor (the optician) to destination of end customers (consumers). Very useful for suppliers, they can identify market trends much more quickly and optimize their productions; this to serve always and again their customers opticians.

On the occasion of the SILMO 2018, an industrial eyewear and Eyes-Road will take the floor to explain and underline all the interest of the "Sell Out".

Relevant communication

In order to further promote EDI and bring the whole profession together, EEIG Eyes-Road continues to strengthen its communication:

  • A new version of the website eyes-road.com has been online since last March and is a great success (250% increase in the number of unique visitors).
  • Resolutely modern, in a responsive version (adapted for reading on smartphones and tablets) and with a graphic chart revisited, the site remains the central hub of the EEIG's communication.
  • Newsletters, "Exchange of Ideas" (distributed to more than 8.000 opticians) and "Exchange of Optics" (distributed to 1500 contacts at distributors, software and industrial publishers) enrich the blog of the site and complete articles published on social networks.
  • The Eyes-Road "Social Wall" displays messages posted to more than 3,000 direct business contacts who keep up to date on the Group's news, EDI and sector information.

Eyes Road's key figures so far

  • 11,900 connected opticians.
  • 159 members / clients of the Platform distributed in,
  • 15 distributors,
  • 19 publishers,
  • 125 manufacturers.
  • 10 million electronic orders processed.
  • 369 catalogs available.

Article published on www.france-optique.com on October 4, 2018.

Press relations: Dominique Cattezd.cattez@eyes-road.com