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FrequenceOptic, “Eyes-Road: always better adjusting optician/supplier relations”

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Eyes-Road: always better adjusting optician/supplier relations

Article published on www.frequenceoptic.fr on January 8, 2018.

Recently set up by the EEIG Eyes-Road, the “ Sell Out ” service » optimizes, by refining them, the relations between opticians and suppliers. By sharing information on current best sellers, the former allow the latter to be more responsive and relevant in their product offerings.

Electronic data interchange, more commonly abbreviated as EDI, is progressing more each year. More and more opticians are using it more and more often. Last year, no fewer than 10 million order transactions passed through the Eyes-Road platform, to which some 11,500 opticians are connected. A few weeks ago, a new service called " Sell Out " came to enrich the offer of the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) which brings together, it should be remembered, nearly 90 members (eyewear manufacturers, glassmakers, laboratories, distributors, etc.). " We are thus fulfilling a wish of opticians ", Philippe Cellier (photo), the general manager of the EEIG, recently confided to us. In fact, this service was obviously eagerly awaited by opticians insofar as it allows them to optimize their relations with suppliers, in particular eyewear manufacturers. " As soon as opticians are able, via the platform, to communicate their actual sales information, manufacturers, for their part, clearly identify trends and direct their proposals in the most effective marketing and commercial direction ", explains Philippe Cellier. . Exchanging information on current best sellers in real time therefore makes it easier for suppliers to adapt. And for good reason: by knowing the products that “pop out the most”, they are able to adapt their production. In doing so, they more easily anticipate orders and inventory management. Opticians, on the other hand, see their best-sellers delivered more quickly, which are now more easily available. “ Sell Out is really a relevant tool because it always better adjusts the optician-supplier relationship. Clearly, everyone wins ”, concludes Mr. Cellier.

Press relations: Dominique Cattez – d.cattez@eyes-road.com